Package simpledb

Interface Summary
DbFile The interface for database files on disk.
DbFileIterator DbFileIterator is the iterator interface that all SimpleDB Dbfile should implement.
DbIterator DbIterator is the iterator interface that all SimpleDB operators should implement.
Field Interface for values of fields in tuples in SimpleDB.
Page Page is the interface used to represent pages that are resident in the BufferPool.
PageId PageId is an interface to a specific page of a specific table.

Class Summary
BufferPool BufferPool manages the reading and writing of pages into memory from disk.
Catalog The Catalog keeps track of all available tables in the database and their associated schemas.
Database Database is a class that initializes several static variables used by the database system (the catalog, the buffer pool, and the log files, in particular.)
Debug Debug is a utility class that wraps println statements and allows more or less command line output to be turned on.
HeapFile HeapFile is an implementation of a DbFile that stores a collection of tuples in no particular order.
HeapFileEncoder HeapFileEncoder reads a comma delimited text file or accepts an array of tuples and converts it to pages of binary data in the appropriate format for simpledb heap pages Pages are padded out to a specified length, and written consecutive in a data file.
HeapPage Each instance of HeapPage stores data for one page of HeapFiles and implements the Page interface that is used by BufferPool.
HeapPageId Unique identifier for HeapPage objects.
IntField Instance of Field that stores a single integer.
LogFile The format of the log file is as follows: The first long integer of the file represents the offset of the last written checkpoint, or -1 if there are no checkpoints All additional data in the log consists of log records.
Permissions Class representing requested permissions to a relation/file.
Predicate Predicate compares tuples to a specified Field value.
RecordId A RecordId is a reference to a specific tuple on a specific page of a specific table.
SeqScan SeqScan is an implementation of a sequential scan access method that reads each tuple of a table in no particular order (e.g., as they are laid out on disk).
StringField Instance of Field that stores a single String of a fixed length.
TransactionId TransactionId is a class that contains the identifier of a transaction.
Tuple Tuple maintains information about the contents of a tuple.
TupleDesc TupleDesc describes the schema of a tuple.
TupleIterator Implements a DbIterator by wrapping an Iterable.
Utility Helper methods used for testing and implementing random features.

Enum Summary
Predicate.Op Constants used for return codes in
Type Class representing a type in SimpleDB.

Exception Summary
DbException Generic database exception class
TransactionAbortedException Exception that is thrown when a transaction has aborted.