New England Database Summit Papers for Presentation

List of accepted papers:

  • John Hugg, VoltDB Inc. Determinism in High-Throughput Distributed Databases. Click to show abstract.

  • Tim Kraska, Brown University. MLbase: A Distributed Machine-learning System. Click to show abstract.

  • Alvin Cheung, MIT CSAIL; Samuel Madden, MIT; Armando Solar-Lezama, MIT CSAIL. Optimizing Database-Backed Applications with Program Synthesis. Click to show abstract.

  • Paul Olsen, State University of NY -- Albany; Alan Labouseur, State University of NY -- Albany; Jeong-Hyon Hwang, State University of NY -- Albany. Quickly Finding the k Most Central Entities in Large Networks. Click to show abstract.

  • Bryan Lewis, Paradigm4. SciDB-R: A scalable programming environment for R. Click to show abstract.

  • Wyatt Lloyd, Princeton University; Michael J. Freedman, Princeton University; Michael Kaminsky, Intel Labs; David G. Anderson, Carnegie Mellon University. Stronger Semantics for Low-Latency Geo-Replicated Storage. Click to show abstract.

  • Justin DeBrabant, Brown; Leilani Battle, MIT; Ugur Cetintemel, Brown University; Stan Zdonik, Brown University; Michael Stonebraker, MIT. Techniques for Visualizing Massive Data Sets. Click to show abstract.

  • Alexandra Meliou, UMass Amherst. The Power of How-To Queries. Click to show abstract.

  • Michael Stonebraker, MIT; Justin DeBrabant, Brown; Stan Zdonik, Brown; Andy Pavlo, Brown; Stephen Tu, MIT. The Traditional Wisdom is All Wrong. Click to show abstract.

  • Yuan Yuan, The Ohio State Univerisy; Rubao Li, The Ohio State University; Xiaodong Zhang, The Ohio State University. The Yin and Yang of Processing Data Warehousing Queries on GPU Devices. Click to show abstract.