SIGMOD 2009 Programming Contest Results

The task for the SIGMOD 2009 programming contest invovled designing a main memory transaction database index that can support inserts, deletes, updates, scans, and key lookups. See the contest description for more information.

Elizabeth Reid, an MIT graduate student, wrote a masters thesis describing the design and results of the contest.

There were teams that were "finalists" who were invited to present their designs at the SIGMOD 2009 conference. The teams are listed below, with links to their code and implementations:

Contest Finalists

The contest winner was Clément Genzmer. Congratulations Clément!


The contest was supported by a grant from the NSF (IIS-0848727). Prize money was donated by Microsoft and Vertica Systems.


Samuel Madden (, MIT
Michael Stonebraker (, MIT

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